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Administrators and Educators

Dr. James Evans, Retired
Director of Drug and Alcohol Studies, San Diego City College

—“I believe in Street of Dreams, we need fifty more programs like this. As a community based primary prevention program, Street of Dreams is saving lives.”

Windy Willie, Retired


Dawn Miller
Head Teacher, Lindsay Community Day School

—“Street of Dreams provides our students with an out let for their struggles (incarceration, homelessness, foster care, drug and alcohol issues) The class teaches them how to engage in public speaking, an invaluable skill, as they enter college and the workforce. I only wish there were a million Street of Dreams in schools everywhere to ensure the success of our neediest and most talented children.”

Terrence Burgess, Retired
President, San Diego City College 

—“San Diego City College is proud to partner with Street of Dreams to provide college level education to this important population. In this regard the college provides $30,000.00 in 'in kind' contributions, annually in support of their mission.”

Tracy E. Thompson
Principal, Juvenile Court and Community Schools (Metro Region)

—"With budget cut backs in education, programs like Street of Dreams are essential to provide much needed elective credits necessary to improve scores on the high school exit exam, achieve a high school diploma and enter college. Street of Dreams provides this vital resource free of charge.”


Erendira Ramirez
Class Room Teacher


Jugo Vera
Class Room Teacher


Dawn Miller
Class Room Teacher


Oscar Ponce
Class Room Teacher Assistant


Lanyra Smith
Class Room Teacher Assistant

We Are an Arts, Education, College Bridge Program For Teen Mothers

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